Realize or Idealize the West

The West is Best in all aspects, right? All faults are in our country, religion and race. I was grown up with this mentality like many other mates. But do you also think that every bad thing has goodness as well? And every good thing has something bad associated? For this article, lets assume Europe is and always was good.

Let’s talk about dark age of europe. Who pose themselves as matchless human rights torch bearers.

There’s a ruin of a castle in Scotland, named St. Andrews. Therein lies our subject of interest, named “Bottle Dungen”.

Bottle Dungen is a deep pit cut out of natural rock and has no window or hole to let light, fresh air enter. Geographically it is located where sea water could panetrate into the dank pit while being in high tide.

St. Andrews was controlled by Church of Protestant sect – one of two sects of Christianity, other being Catholic. Church was all powerful in that era and was actually dictating fate of society. Naturally, whoever talked against the law posed by pope, the person was cursed by church to death!

In mamy ways of killing death sentenced human, One of the very “humane” ways was BOTTLE DUNGEN.

The person was sent down to this dark pit to live in that prison.

Now imagine yourself being in this pit with no light source or moving air. And when high tide comes, you will be having water in the pit. Because this was build by hollowing out a solid rock. So, water doesn’t seap through easily! You’re throw given food from narrow opening above and there’s no ‘attach bath’ either.

Sorry for giving you the mental pain, if you have imagined it. But this was actually how masses were controlled in Europe, with the fear of church.

This was past of Europe. Yes, today they have managed to protect human rights for humans living inside Europe. But, have you compared Eastern history with the western? If you haven’t done so, let me tell you that during this era, Muslim Caliphs were investing money on sending out his men to search BOOKS throughout the globe! No one could ever had heard of Aristotle or Socrates if Muslim Caliphate had not reached out to their darkened book treasures and preserved and re wrote those masterpieces.

Not only preserving that knowledge, rather inventing science of experiment instead of writing philosophy was being done. Optics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Geography, Chemistry, Architecture and even at Lahore, there was Alloy Industry in Sigteenth Century when Bottle Dungen was active in Europe. Proof of this lies in Astrolabes that date back to Sixteenth century. The copper used in those Astrolabes can’t be mold to that thickness if specific amount of Zinc is not added to it with industrial scale mechanism.

Yes, this was Muslim vision in reality. I have tried a little to let my fellows explore something in this dimension. Our Engineers, Doctors and Technicians are either willing to migrate to West or just simply find placement in Multinationals (including me). This notion only makes the Hollow Western Ideaology even stronger. Having Zero learned work force for our own nation’s good is respobsible for our Nation’s being in bad situation.

The vision and part of the knowledge shared in this article was given to me by a stranger elderly at a local amusement park who spent a part of his life in Scotland. He wasn’t happy for where the young generation is moving. I deem it my responsibility to pass on the purposeful knowledge.

Think again.

2 thoughts on “Realize or Idealize the West

  1. How do Oxford and Cambridge stand out tall from thirteenth centuries if it were all the Muslims who were gathering the knowledge?
    I agree to the fact that people leaving this country should think before moving on.
    Muslims focused more on Philosophy and did not care for natural sciences that much and those who cared enough are the torch bearers of innovation and quality life-style. (Ghamidi’s vision)


    1. Asad, It’s appreciable that how these universities survived.
      But there’s no contribution from their scholars until late 16th century.
      Please read about “Roger Bacon” who first put forth the concept of science in Europe in 13th century. And Muslim world had already reached Golden era of practical science in this era.

      Secondly, yes, not all of the muslims were doing science. Many of them were responsible for establishing a system centered at benifit of HUMAN. They worked for a system that values human more than Money (Capitalism) and hard work (Socialism). Only proportional people contributed to science to provide text books to the world for coming centuries.

      Will write about socio-economics of Muslims – that are delibrately hidden by the system in power – that are never taught or talked, rather distorted to cut us from our ancestors.



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