Logic Behind Belief System of Islam.

The word “Muslim”, almost a synonym for terrorist to the west, actually means a “Believer of Peace”.

Muslim is a person who believes in 5 things in order mentioned in Holy Quran:

  1. The Creator of the Universe is ONE.
  2. Angels are true creation of The Creator.
  3. Holy Books (Quran, Bible – Old testament and New Testament, Zubur) are true conversations of The Creator with the Humans.
  4. The Creator sent his messengers to lead the humanity towards peace and prosperity.
  5. All the mankind will be held accountable for their deeds on the day of judgement.

These beliefs are to let you feel at ease regarding the truthfulness of guidelines being told to you by the belief system a Muslim follows, called “Islam”. To understand it further, let’s take an example of a physician:

To get a medicine, you visit a doctor. Before getting prescription, while purchasing the medicine, during taking the medicine and while prohibiting from the things that enhance your disease, you believe that what doctor told you, is the best thing to practice!

I have many questions to you here!

Why did you believe him? Did you see him taking classes for his Medicine qualification? Didn’t you think following his prescription could increase your disease? Why did you leave the eatable that provokes your disease just because the doctor said to?

A general answer to get all these questions quenched would be like:

I believed the doctor’s qualification to cure the disease!

In short, You need a little belief in doctor to get a bit ease while getting your ailment cured. Same is the reason for these 5 compulsory beliefs you need to have before following philosophy of Islam.

Let’s dive deeper!

Well, why should I believe in some random statements told by some person X to me?

A part of this question’s answer is given by above example (believing doctor). Which is: to get your day to day problems, solved.
Ok, for a moment, I believed these things.. but my problems are still the same after believing these statements! What should I do?

Precisely speaking, these beliefs are just a way to let you listen what The Creator wants to say to you (His creation).
Wait wait! Didn’t get what you just said..

Yeah, just like the physician you visited.. You must have had heared from some friend who got cured from that doctor.. Part of that example before you visited the doctor is having similar forms of all those 5 beliefs included in the example.
Okay got it a bit now. How are those 5 beliefs stills there?

In that example,

  1. You first need to believe that there is some doctor who can cure your disease
  2. Your friend tells you about the website for searching specialist doctors, and you believe that your friend is right.
  3. You open up the website, searched, and found the page what told you about the best doctor. You believe that document.
  4. By seeing the content over the website, you believed the wesite is legitimate and it’s telling correct data.
  5. You believe that results will be good after following prescription you’ll get after meetup.

Getting it. How does it apply to beliefs of Islam then?

Yeah, look! It goes like this:

  1. You need to believe that Who created you, knows the purpose of your creation and solutions of your problems. And He is ONE and ONLY who can lead you to right way.
  2. You need to believe that He has created the Angels to communicate with His creation and other tasks we don’t know completely.
  3. Believe that The Holy Books are true message from The Creator that He sent through Divine creation, Angels. And following them, is the only path for flawless prosperity of humanity.
  4. Also believe the Messenger / Appostal who interprets the meaning of the Holy Book sent by The Creator, through the Angels.
  5. The Human will be punished if their wrong deeds are more than good deeds and rewarded if their good deeds are more than bad deeds in their lives.

Now read it again and try to believe it. And you’ll see that, you’re needing to believe previous point to believe current point. E.g. to believe on Holy Books, you need to believe The Creator and His Angels. And for the day of accountability, you need to believe that The Holy Books are divine and the interpretation from messengers can lead you towards getting rewarded.

For this article, I just focused on logical necessity to have beliefs before acting upon the teachings of Islam.

I certify that, I am a Muslim, and I have found the reasoning with teachings of numerous teachers since childhood, to let fellow humans know the basic need for having 5 beliefs to follow Islam. Having those beliefs eases me to act upon the teachings just according to why they are meant for. I seek forgiveness from The Creator (Allah Almighty) for mistakes I made while writing this reasoning down.

3 thoughts on “Logic Behind Belief System of Islam.

  1. I’d love to share a comment by a senior, Ahsan Hussain who sent logical picture of these 5 beliefs in a beautiful way:

    “Very nice attempt lerkay. My humble addition to the points you made as to why should we believe

    One needs to believe there is only one entity, who is The Creator and provider of all. He is all knowing and omnipotent, for otherwise the balance of the universe, its systematic running and order could not have been achieved. We bow to Him only, so we dont have to bow to others, be it the forces of nature, designs and systems of our fellow humans, our malignant desires or else.

    Since everything in the universe has a fine order, there must be a system for running it with some set rules. Angels can be thought of as the state machinery of the universe. For they carry out His orders and implement His will, by the role and powers assigned to them by The Creator.

    It is to be believed that there’s a purpose to everything that has been created. Nothing is created but for a cause. So does hold true for humanity. That purpose is defined by the Holy books and scriptures and interpreted by the Prophets and Messengers sent to us by the Creator. That is his system of delivering guidance to humanity, towards prosperity and success.

    and it must be believed, like we do in our frame of reference, that every action has an effect. The universe is a causal place, and hence what we do shall create its own effects onto the universe itself. In this contexy our actions are rewarded or punished. Thus it should be believed that it would hold true not only in our lives but after our death as well.”


  2. Well written article and logical explanation are quite attractive and thoughtful for a normal human being who may or may not be follower of Islam. I just want to add one thing that would be a suggestion, there are many people in the world who just follow their religion by name not by actions how they could be explained their’s perspective either logically or not but somehow what I think they just believe in abrupt results that might help them to understand if they would learn how Islam has shown to their believers.

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