Hearts Matter. Don’t Depress Them

What reason do you think makes humans, humans?

Well, many answers.. how I see it, it’s the curiosity and the ability to quench it that differenciates us from fellow animals on planet Earth.

This curiosity drives us to explore new ways and grow in different way with respect to other Homo sapiens (humans). So, technically speaking despite of being equal human beings, regardless of color, sect and creed we are different from all other humans in many ways in the longer run (You’re free to disagree though). The way we grow, dictates our qualities and downsides. This way we see how just a different curiosity led us to being entirely different human.

Whenever an exam judges us on same scale, not every gem can qualify it. Not because they aren’t capable enough! They’re same gems as the winners, but their curiosity had drove them further away in other dimensions of thought and exploration. So, this must be clear that an exam cannot judge all of us equally.

Let’s talk about something else. I was hovering over my facebook home page, and I saw a number of achievements of people. To be really honest, I RESPECT all those guys but I never cared for what they are DOING. But why am I being told about their achievements? To respect them more? Would it mean I’d disrespect those who didn’t mention their achievements? Would I cut off with those who couldn’t achieve the same thing? Would I forget that not every exam is meant to be qualified by every human? Would I close my mind while thinking it’s the matter of curiosity and not the gut what differentiates us? Should I really be oblivious of the fact that non achievers are equal gems? Really?

If you have made it through this dry article, I’d like to tell you that I’ve witnessed people drove into deep depression because of the social media ‘Achievement’ status my other mates and possibly me, placed. Yes it was their right to share what they achieved. Yes they needed to tell their friends and family. But what about those who couldn’t achieve? Are they useless enough not to be considefed worthy humans again? Why don’t we kill them right away? Because the depression they face being “beaten” in the so called “race” is worse than death.

With this notion, I’d request you not to encourage pomp and show of achievements on facebook. Hearts around me who were differently able, value more than me, advertising my success. And I hope every human loving human will enentually think like this, or maybe can mentor my thoughts.

If you achieved something, spend time with those who missed achieving it. Be realistic, you’re not special, and they’re not ordinary.



8 thoughts on “Hearts Matter. Don’t Depress Them

  1. Reading the article constantly gave the message of our dear Prohet SAW.
    Abu Hurairah narrated that the Messenger of Allah (ﷺ) said:
    “Look at those who are beneath you and do not look at those who are above you, for it is more suitable that you should not consider as less the blessing of Allah.”
    And as the article says we should not be the source of making others consider less in their blessings.

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  2. Excellent notion transmitted through exceptional piece of writing…I am convinced to say that having such state of mind is itself an achievement….

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  3. Ah yes, hearts matter. Let’s get this straight man, people should get it, life is unfair, shit happens, we fall, we break and we give up, that’s quite natural. What matters is, how many times you see all your fears and failures in the face and say to them, “Bring it on, I ain’t gonna go down easy this time, let’s see what you’ve got”. There you have it, when I see people’s achievements, I say to myself, “Yeah okay that’s good but that ain’t me, I am something else, I must have a different forte, ergo my life has different plans for me.” I don’t aspire to be famous, what I do want, is to touch the heart of every human being I meet in life. Being successful isn’t being followed by 10k followers, no, if you can change one life, you can change the whole of humanity. Each and every drop makes the full strength of the ocean, we’re in this loop we call life.

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  4. “If you achieved something, spend time with those who missed achieving it. Be realistic, you’re not special, and they’re not ordinary.”
    I always do the same and that’s why some people feel comfortable with me. Very true and heart-touching writting. Keep spreading love, this world need love very badly.

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  5. The message in this article is a gem. I remember in my school being taught that “dont show off even your fruits if your neighbor can’t afford it” Same goes with the achievements, many of your fellows remain unable to achieve the same but surely they are better in sth else.

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