University Life – Some Tips

Being a fresh graduate from UET Lahore, I find it compulsory to write a few words regarding my personal experience and specially what else did I learn in addition to studies. I will rank my findings and experiences in inverted priority level.

 Be Selective in Your Company

They say, man is known by his company. I back it strongly. You’re not only known by your company, but you’re also molded by it. You learn by the company you own. A program is continuously running in your subconscious which is picking things just by observing someone nearby.
So, choose friends as you want yourself to be.

Bunking is good sometimes! Really?

Some fellows boast to have a bunk free history in entire educational career. RESPECT as well as a minute of SILENCE for them.
Well, if you never bunked a lecture for some creative activity going on around the campus, you missed the combo feel of thrill and anxiety hidden amidst!
I seriously don’t support sleeping at your place while lecture going on. That’s not legit at all. And it only increases anxiety levels. Because you’re not having fun in the bunked lecture either.

Train for Career

Practice the ethics you’d like others to have while behaving with you. Because the time you’re having at Grad School is going to be your last training spot before entering professional career. So, be cozy in an attitude that is professional as well as funny.
In short, BE GENUINE. And try your best to filter out bad habits by interacting with various people everyday.
What I harp on additionally is as follows:

  1. No Proxies!
  2. No copy-pasting in assignments.
  3. Cheating in exams let’s you be a cheater for a lifetime.

Study Smart

Well, I don’t suggest you to study all the time tirelessly. Do study, but not HARD! What do I mean by smart? Here you go:

  1. DON’T STUDY more than 30 minutes in a single go! Have 5 minutes pauses after each 25 minutes.
  2. Reward yourself for completing each of the 25 minutes you study. Like, have a chocolate or a phone call to your bestie.
  3. Review a day’s lectures same evening! Just give 10 – 15 minutes to each lecture and then bring out your books if you have time to study.
  4. Recalling is better than reviewing! So, try to recall about each lecture’s content, and then see the lecture. You’ll feel the difference!
  5. Google is your best friend in finding forgotten stuff!
  6. YouTube has almost each course in video lectures. Before entering a course, do have a look if that course has a playlist over YouTube or not.

Party Hard!

Despite the fact that your pocket-money is limited in your university life, but you must learn to host your friends to make good memories. Because believe me! At the end, you are only gonna remember how fun did you make!
In addition, Partying is a felicity that renders extra energy to keep studying smart.

“Bad Luck” is Just an Excuse!

Many people disagree, but if you read the stories of accomplished people in history, they were mostly having hardest luck!
So, never blame your luck if you got bad score in a quiz.. Either your professor is eccentric or you aren’t trying it rightly.

Make Friends with Your Hardest Competitors!

Well, if you feel someone your hard competitor, same do they feel about you actually. Go ahead, discuss your ideas and learn better!

Role of Societies and Social Activities

They play the central role in nurturing your team work and socializing skills. Specially being a part of executive body of a society of any type, you can train yourself to learn meaning of commitment and how to deliver in time.
Additionally, your time management skill grows to a next level if you’re serious at both sides.

These Thoughts are based on my experiences only. These procedures worked perfect for me. Feel free to comment, like and share the blog.

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