Origin of Iron


Let’s first see what’s the benefit of Iron for mankind. As it is mentioned in Holy Qura’n as well.


Iron is most common metal used almost at each place where we need strength. It is being used with other metals to give steel and numerous other blends to use accordingly. This is an image of Eiffel Tower (Paris) that is an insanely immense Iron structure.


Qura’n About Iron.

First of all, I’d like to mention that Chapter number of “Alhadeed” (meaning: Iron) is 57. And 57 is exactly the atomic mass of one of the isotopes of Iron. It hints that Al Hadeed is specifically focusing element with atomic mass 57.

In the verse 25 of Chapter 57 (Alhadid) of Holy Qur’an, Allah says:

“And We sent down iron, wherein is great military might and benefits for the people”

(Al Hadid – 25)

Allah Almighty mentions following attributes of Iron:

  1. It was sent down
  2. Has Great Might

While skimming this ayah, they seem normal attributes of this metal. But, analyzing it deeply depicts these attributes are of prime value regarding Iron. Let’s see how Science describes these attributes.

1. It was Sent Down:

Iron and all known elements in periodic table are “cooked” inside the core of huge stars during a process called Nuclear Fusion. 

“Fusion is a nuclear reaction in which atomic nuclei of low atomic number fuse to form a heavier nucleus with the release of energy.”

For an example, isotopes of hydrogen fuse to form Helium nucleus.

nuclear_fusionIn a star, heat and light is produced by this Nuclear Fusion reaction continued at a tremendously high number of fusions per second. In a matter of some billion years, lighter elements make heavier elements and these heavy elements form even more heavy elements and the process continues (with lot more hidden details).


When Iron is formed by fusion of lighter elements, opposite to all previous reactions, instead of releasing energy, it absorbs all the energy inside the core of star. The core of star gets cool and fusion reactions cease very soon. At this stage, entire star collapses on it’s own gravitational force because fusions are not there to throw out material to balance out gravity. The explosion is called “Super Nova”.


These Super Nova Explosions are the ones indicated in Holy Qura’n when Allah Almighty says: “We sent down Iron”. It is a Muslim’s belief everything in cosmos is happening by the decree of Allah Almighty. And hence, the Super Nova explosion is the way by which Allah Almighty sends the Iron down to Planets and earth.

2. Has Great Might:

Time to unveil true meaning of “might” when Qura’n specially mentions it. By atomic research and experimental analyses, we found that Iron doesn’t only have structural strength, rather it has strongest bound nucleus in each atom as well. Binding energy of Iron is highest among all known atoms!

Binding Energy is the energy that holds a nucleus together.


This chart depicts which elements can yield energy by fission (process in Atomic Bomb) and which atoms can give energy by nuclear fusion. In this graph, you can see “Fe” at top of the chart saying it has highest binding energy per nuclear particle.

That’s all from my side for now. Feel free to comment and share your views.


  • Objective of this article is to let Muslims help advance in the current flow of science and technology by declaring that knowledge of science strengthens your faith.
  • You can openly share it unless you aim to show hatred to any community or presenting any sense of superiority to any Non-Muslim nation.


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